Chuck Penner is the founder of LeftField Commodity Research. He has a great support team of a wonderful wife and three great daughters. Chuck has spent over 25 years working in the Canadian grain industry, including:

  • Five years as Senior Consultant in the Canadian office of Informa Economics, where he was primarily responsible for market analysis and economic research within grains, oilseeds, special crops and biofuel sectors. Chuck analyzed Canadian crop markets on a regular basis for daily and weekly market reports. Research projects included (among others) market impact studies for the biofuel industry, due diligence for agricultural processing ventures, market assessments of inputs going into agricultural processors and numerous market reviews for parties interested in the Canadian agricultural marketplace.
  • One year as the Director of Marketing Strategy for Blacksheep Strategy, working on branding, strategic planning and marketing research for numerous organizations within and outside of the agriculture industry.
  • Fifteen years in various positions at United Grain Growers and Agricore United. Chuck’s latest position at Agricore United was Manager of Marketing Services and other roles included overseeing development of a grain contracting system, leading web strategy, coordinating marketing and communications programs, launching identity preserved crops and conducting economic and marketing research.
  • Earlier in his career, Chuck spent time working at Pioneer Grain and the Canadian Wheat Board as well as trying a hand at farming in the late 1980s. He has also been a farmhand, landscaper, waiter, busboy and camp counselor (and probably a few jobs he has forgotten about).
  • Chuck has an Agribusiness Diploma and a B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Manitoba. He also has a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Winkler Bible Institute.
Is there anybody else out in LeftField? Depending on the client’s needs, LeftField can bring to bear its network of seasoned experts in areas such as marketing research, strategic planning, grain merchandising, market development and economic analysis.