Curious StatsCan Numbers
When we look at the Stats Canada acreage and production estimates, we have to wonder what happened to all those flooded acres. Earlier this summer, some very credible people were "guessing" that anywhere from 8.5 to 12.5 million acres. Oddly, the survey shows that "only" 5.5-5.8 million acres were unseeded. What gives? We know that reports often get exaggerated, especially when things are looking bad. Once again, it looks like we got sucked in by the doomsday predictions.
The big yield numbers from the StatsCan survey are also something to behold. If we take all of the reports at face value about the low spots being flooded, those hilltops must look absolutely amazing. Joking aside, there is still a lot of guesswork in these survey results and we also know there are plenty of risks before the crop gets into the bins. Stay tuned for more fun and games.